Missing strings in Czech translation

there are two strings not correctly showing in the Czech version of the website. I looked them up in Transifex and those strings are correctly translated there.


What can be done about it? How can I initiate a correction?

Hello @mikulik86 ,

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The source of all translatable strings is Transifex. If it is correct there then the basic step is done.

Changed strings are deployed with the next releases.
Can you point me to the strings at Transifex giving an URL?

Which server version are you using?

Hello rakekniven,
thanks for the welcome and for your assistance.


I’m using Nextcloud 22.2.3


the strings you refer have been translated 3 respectively 5 years ago.
So there is something wrong.

The screenshot you provided does show english strings.
Does that mean they are not shown in czech?

Exactly, they are in deed not shown in Czech.
Meanwhile I tried also Slovak version of the website, where those same strings are also not translated (they are shown in English) and German website, where they are gorrectly translated into German.

Ok, just checked at Transifex if there is more than one occurence > No.
Looks like a bug.
Do you have the chance to check if this is still valid for v23.0.0 ?

Sadly in near future I don’t .

Ok. Reported it. See Sync for czech language is not working · Issue #341 · nextcloud/docker-ci · GitHub

Closing here and keep continuing at GitHub.

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Hello @mikulik86 ,

are you able to remove files manually from your installation?

If so please go to the nextcloud directory.
Then go to apps/files_sharing/l10n and delete the following two files:

  • cs_CZ.js
  • cs_CZ.json

Afterwards reload your browser and check if strings are now shown translated and report back.

So deleting those two files helped. All Strings are now shown translated.