Missing Guest app?

I tried it out and it basically works if you use the branch from the PR. You can find more information here:

Hello, do you have any news on this app? Thank you!

+1 for this, this would be very useful

Ping @jospoortvliet for an update.

any update on this please

i thought the latest version 12.05 would have it but it doesnt

any ETA please…


I don’t know if this is a helpful idea, but are you aware of the possibility to create a user and set the Quota to 0?
I believe it was Nextcloud 12.0.0 when a Quota of 0 was out of the sudden not possible anymore (which was functioning as designed if I recall it correctly).
However I believe that was the time when a Guest app was very much needed/ appreciated.
Since 12.0.4 a Quota of 0 is again possible and you are actually able to create that kind of Guest account that way. I’m not sure if a guest app is still needed then.

The user with Quota 0 can do pretty much everything on the your server, what you allow him to, except store data within his own space.

The idea would be then:

  • create user with Quota of 0 bytes
  • put him in a new group (e.g. “guest” or “limited”)
  • specify the apps you want to allow the “guest” to use, by adding the group “guest”/ “limited” as enabled groups for these apps (that actually have the option to limit its usage to groups)
  • if you want these guest users to provide some data to you, share a folder with write permissions with him

Maybe this helps (as long as the guest app is not available).

Any news on this?
We come from MicroFocus Filr, and from what I understand, the Guests app would make Nextcloud work in a similar way (user shares via mail, guest must register with his mail address and can then use the desktop client). This is the one Filr feature I’m missing desperately.