Missing Guest app?

While reading some of the flagship features posted for Nextcloud 12, I noticed one of them was the Guest app, which I thought was pretty dang cool. However, looking through the apps on my server (enabled/disabled/every other category) and apps.nextcloud.com, I realize that the app doesn’t exist. Is it not actually available?

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It’s now been added, sorry for the delay!

I’m trying to get the app, but I’m not seeing it in either location.

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@nickvergessen @jospoortvliet

This was uploaded, but indeed still isn’t showing up in the store?

Yeah, for now you have to download the app from https://github.com/nextcloud/guests and install manually. We’re not happy with the quality and it already got quite some rework from us… It’ll have to wait until somebody has time for it I’m afraid.

I’ve tried to download the guest app directly from github, but I cannot enable it in my Nextcloud 12 instance. I think this comes from the appinfo/info.xml file which requires Owncloud version 10 in it’s dependencies section.

Is it save to change this to

nextcloud min-version=“12.0” max-version=“12.0”

and enable the app in an productive instance?

(By the way, I totally understand that not everything can developed simultaneously at an opensource project, but the guest app was an announced feature when nextcloud 12 was released. Please do not announce new features in the future if you cannot deliver them. Nextcloud has more than enough cool features to compete with other products.)

Changing the required versions should be safe, but I imagine you’ve already since tried it :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve allready tried it :slight_smile:.
When I try to enable the app after this change in the info.xml file, I get the PHP Error

Class OCA\Guests\Settings\Admin contains 2 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (OCP\Settings\ISettings::getForm, OCP\Settings\ISettings::getSection)

The interface ISettings contain the abstract methods getForm and getSection instead of the methods getPanel and getSectionID which are implemented in the Settings class of the guest app. But it seams that the names of this methods just changed sometime in development.

After I changed getPanel to getForm and getSectionID to getSection I was able to enable the guest app.

But the app doesn’t seem to work correctly because of a missing part in the sharing feature of Nextcloud: To create a guest account I have to enter an email address of the guest in the sharing dialog but the dialog thinks that a sharing name that looks like an email address is a fedarated cloud id. So it hides the create guest button from me.

@jospoortvliet that’s (^) far too much work to end up with a still non-functioning app. Can we get some resource just to get something out the door? It was announced after all…

yeah, I know, it should’ve been finished already but I guess we got distracted. A big customer had some project mgmt work that was super urgent and pretty much all engineers have been busy with that over the last 2 weeks.

Can you not stick @mario on it for 3-4 hours? He’s a wizard :bomb:

You’re right but we’re exhausting his wizardry at the moment, I think :wink:

Poppycock. I’ll look out for the release announcement later today :wink:

It would be great to have this app in the store as it was already advertised in May: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-12-redefining-file-sync-and-share-with-collaboration-and-communication/

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Would be great to have a ETA on this app.


is there some progress with this app? Sadly this feature was announced back in May but is still missing. Many news outlets also took over this info, but it is still not part of Nextcloud or at least available in the store. Do you think it will be released at least with the next point release?

Thank you for your hard work.

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The guest app is nicely available from the ownCloud team for ownCloud 10.0. Great piece of innovation missing here but announced to impress the marketing channels … honestly it seems what I did fear when this fork happened is getting true - two communities are developing stuff and copy around - lots of double work and a win for Microsoft and other real proprietary offerings.

@Escubaer Well, the fractioning is there, for sure. But not even Owncloud is really Open Source (look at their “Enterprise/Paid Apps”) and a number of additional apps are not the latest versions (a look at the version number shows this). On the other hand, everything that is Open Source can be copied back an forth, basically. That is the advantage of it.

@jospoortvliet Do you have a list of things that still prevent the release of this app? This would surely be helpful to anyone wanting to work on it.

I guess what is in https://github.com/nextcloud/guests/issues but there might be more including “it doesn’t work”… I think the most important thing is a review of https://github.com/nextcloud/guests/pull/1 and help/comments there are welcome, even by ppl who aren’t super experts: just grabbing that code and testing it makes a difference.

And yes, I know it is a lot of changes they decided to make, part of that is security and reliability concerns, you see quite some issues were found.

as the last update is from Jul24: what is the status?