Missing favicon

I just updated to NC11 and everything is working well, except for one small thing. The favicon and app icons are no longer working - looking at the page source they are trying to be retrieved from a location that does not exist.

According to the source they are being retrieved from:

That location returns a 404 error - it might be worth mentioning that I’m using the “‘htaccess.RewriteBase’ => ‘/’,” option to rewrite my urls.

The actual path to the favicon is /core/img/

If you created your own theme, it is also located in the /themes/core/img/ folder

With Nextcloud 11 the theming app is generating custom favicons for each app, so as it is enabled by default, the path /apps/theming/favicon/files?v=7 is correct.

@dcrdev Have you been running ./occ maintenance:update:htaccess after adding htaccess.RewriteBase to your config?

Yes actually that turned out to be the issue - I’ve not normally had to regenerate the htaccess file after each upgrade. This time around I suspect it’s because something went wrong permissions wise and I downloaded a fresh copy of the files post upgrade.

Sorry - you can close this now; all working!

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