Missing favicon though it's present

Hello the favicon is also not showing up for me but it is under /core/img

What do I need to do? I am not so good with IT but I can use Filezilla and edit files. Could you tell me what I need to do?



  • don’t re-open (very ) old threads… most probably you aren’t experiencing the SAME problem since you aren’t running the SAME configurations
  • ALWAYS provide more information about your server, config, environment, even logs.


in your case - since you didn’t provide any necessary information i’d suggest to check your theming-setting, especially the one about the fav-icon.
and make sure that there aren’t any configuration-flaws/errors under your admin-account.

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Thank you. I had to do it under


i uploaded the png that was on the server under


I am using the business offer of https://all-inkl.com/ as my server. after the one click installation of Nextcloud there was no favicon.

you’re gonna find them under settings --> admin --> overview

you’re gonna find it under settings --> admin --> theming --> favicon

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