Migrate with ncp to new hardware

I want to migrate from

  • old: rpi4, ncp 1.52.2, nc to
  • new: x86, ncp 1.52.2, nc

In general I am planning to follow the chapter “Migrating to a different server” from the nc admin manual (basically copying the config.php, database and data folder). That leads me to the following questions:

  • What do I need to do differently with regards to ncp? e.g. where is the configuration of all the ncp tools stored?
  • What about the apps? As I am migrating to a different plattform, can I simply copy the apps folders?

thank you,

Hey Martin,

maye some of these articles in the documentation are going to help you.

If you backup all the stuff including data and restore it on your new device it should work.