Migrate owncloud9 encrypted to Nextcloud9?

Hello @all,

My request is sooo simple :smiley:

I have 1 Owncloud9 node with encryption module.

I juste want to migrate from Owncloud9 to Nextcloud9. Is there a way to backup and restore DBs/data encrypted to Nextcloud9 ?

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Compatible to nextcloud ?

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Hi johnnybe,

Maybe our documentation helps our here :sweat_smile: https://docs.nextcloud.org/server/9/admin_manual/configuration_server/occ_command.html#encryption

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Hello mar1u5,

Thank you for reply, i’ll try with docs and give a feedback !


If you just replace your ownCloud with Nextcloud then you only need to follow the standard upgrade steps. No special steps are needed for encryption. If you want to set up your Nextcloud next to ownCloud and copy all the data then this should work if you copy the complete data directory and the database.

what I did was open one users files in a tab with webdav[s] (secure) and the new share in another tab, and copied all the data over that way.

granted I had to servers.
for the second user I had to keep track to shared folders manually.
I had to export, and then import the calendar & contacts data.
server 1 was owncloud, server 2 was nextcloud.


Here is the easy way :

  • Process to basic installation of Nextcloud
  • Backup : mv data data.ori && mv config.php config.php.ori of Nextcloud
  • Stop your DB on Owncloud9 and Nextcloud9
  • rsync postgresql db from owncloud9 to nextcloud9
  • rsync data and config.php from owncloud9 to nextcloud9
  • You have to keep secret and hash entries of config.php from Owncloud9 when you have encryption enabled

Everything is working for me !