Merging two Nextcloud instances into one


As the title say : I have two Nextcloud instances… both with different and common data and different version (database is also in a different version).

Nextcloud A:

  • Version 24.0.1
  • Mysql version: 8.0.27

Nextcloud B:

  • Version 22.2.2
  • Mysql version: 5.7.26

I would like to end up with only one instances, keeping everything from both servers.

I tried to look for something similar but couldn’t find anything recent.

  • Merge two nextclouds into one
    • In this issue: Owncloud to Nextcloud, different set of accounts and data
    • I have:
      • a different version of everything
      • both on Nextcloud
      • some data (but not all) are identical.
      • Only 2 to 5 accounts (identical) on both instances.

In any case, thank you for any help you might provide.

FYI: What I expect in replies ?

  • if it is possible ? Including if going to work on the database ?
  • An average Idea of how big a challenge (ie: a week of work, or six months) ?
  • A basic road to follow in order to make this merge ?

Again, thank you.

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Did you ever get any further with this i would like to do the same thing