Merge two nextclouds into one

Hello together,

i have a rather extraordinary question, and i found no answers on the Web for it.

The questin is simple tough:

I have an owncloud 8 and a Nextcloud 10 running. Both are productive and in daily use. The data and users from the ownloud should now be migrated to the nextcloud. I know migration is easy from owncloud to nextcloud, but i dont know how to do this if the newer nextcloud instance has its productive users and files. What i woild have done now is the following:

  1. Updating an migrating the owncloud 8 to a nextcloud 10
  2. make a database dump form the new migrated nextcloud
  3. Copy files to the exising nextcloud filesystem and import the database from the migrated one.

Does it work like this or are there dependencies that will make the cloud not working after this procedure?

Thanks for your help!

I think the only way to do this is to choose the server that has the most users, make sure that is running Nextcloud, and migrate users to that. This will be a manual process, where you create new accounts on the new server, back up and restore any calendars and contacts, and point the clients at the new server. Any files on the clients will be automatically synchronised with the new server.

Thanks for your answer @yourcloudasia, but there are 300 Users on the owncloud and 150 on the nextcloud. I could not imagine how i should do this in an acceptable time and amount of manpower. But i already thought that it would not be easy…

Depending on your users technical skills you could also outsource it to them :wink:

As long as federation between the two instances is working, transferring of files by the users should be relatively easy. Might give them the opportunity to “clean up” a bit as well.

Just send a good explanation to all of them, and give them monthly reminders of the grace period before the old server is shut down and that they should move everything to the new account through federation.

At the very least, this will reduce the number of accounts you will have to manually transfer after the grace period yourself.