Master-Sync / P2P for the Client

Hello Forum, I am trying my first post here.
As a possible suggestion, I would be happy about a possible PeerToPeer connection.
However, this is only possible as an optional connection type.
If I share a folder or file with a group, this data is synchronized with all participants. A P2P exchange would certainly make sense with the Client.
If I share the data via a share link, the transfer method may no longer be possible (I would argue).

If you release data from home and share it with your family, larger amounts of data can be exchanged more quickly.
Not everyone has a fast Internet connection at home.
However, each client should be able to determine freely whether the P2P connection should be used or not.
There are apparently people with data volume at the internet connection.

The topic has already been mentioned a few times here in the forum.

Apparently dropped again.

Also would be a nice idea to use multiple data servers.
Companies can work worldwide, rent servers in America, Germany, Australia, Japan,… or anywhere else.
The data is then automatically synchronized with the master servers and each branch office can connect to the nearest server and use the fastest connection.
Private users could also benefit from this.
A complete BackUp and the main server are at home, while a copy is located on a server in a data center, for example.
Thus he would have a very fast access from everywhere.

I use NextCloud to exchange larger video files (raw material) with my friends. These methods would often be appropriate.

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These ideas pop up from time to time but it is not that easy to implement and nobody stepped in so far (or a large company which is willing to pay for the development).
There has been a few requests about delta-sync where ownCloud made some progress recently and once they managed it could probably be back-ported to Nextcloud:

A possible solution for your: use a separate folder on your server, do syncing with syncthing ( , and then include the files via external storage (as local storage) to Nextcloud. Git-annex can also use different resources