MarkDown templates

Hello everyone
what’s the best and supported way to add custom MD templates ?
I created some new “New text document” documents that I want to use as template in addition to existing default ones.
I tried to add it to core/skeleton/Templates but it’s not being recognized.

Thank you


Seems to go into a similar direction as Templates for all users

If this helps any, I believe the user’s Templates folder is only used for Collabora Office templates: any file Collabora doesn’t work with will simply not be shown as a template. You also have to either create the user accounts after you update the skeleton/Templates directory, or copy your new templates into each user’s Template folder individually.

If you’re looking to add a new option to Nextcloud’s own ‘+’ button drop-down list, that seems to be something that’s handled in JS: Extending the “new” menu in the files app, example usage in the Text app.