Templates for all users

Nextcloud version: 23.0.2
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 21.10

I’d like to provide templates, e.g., letter.ott or meeting minutes for all existing and new users. I managed to do this for individual users by impersonating them and creating an individual template folder and uploading a template, but thats of course no solution for several users.

I would also be interessested in a ‘best practice’ solution.

Possibilities which may work:

  1. Global Collabora templates (can be configured within admin settings if I am not wrong).
  2. Adding templates to skeleton? If possible, this would only help to provide general templates for new users, but can’t get updated afterwards.
  3. Groupfolders for templates. I did that with help of subfolders for the template folder of different users/groups, so that everybody can still use his own, individual templates. The templates can also be read only so that only authorised users can edit such templates. But this may break if different languages are used (different names for the template folder itself!).