Managed AppConfig for iOS app with SOTI MDM

Hi all,

I am currently pushing out the NextCloud app (v2.23.0) to several iOS 12.1.3 devices using our MDM - SOTI MobiControl. I would like prepopulate our NextCloud server URL and the username so all the user needs to do is type their password to login. I have attempted to do this using an xml configuration within SOTI, however this does not work; perhaps I am not using the correct tags or maybe this feature does not work at all. The xml I am using is as follows:

<string>server URL goes in here</string>

Trying to push out these settings is something entirely new to me and I know there is a similar question on this forum dating back to December 2017, however I am hoping that since then, there has been a change allowing what I am trying to achieve possible.

Could anyone please provide me with some assistance on this matter? Your time and patience would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: