Managed AppConfig for iOS app with MDM

Just rolled out a Nextcloud 12 server and have configured it to work with Zimbra Drive in our Zimbra webmail. I’m pushing out the Nextcloud app to my end users using Airwatch MDM, but I’d also like to fill in for them our Server URL and their username which is their Zimbra email address. Does anyone know if the Nextcloud iOS app is configured to work with these settings from an MDM server and if so, is their a list of the key-pair values available?


I dont think so.
We Managing a couple of iOS and macOS devices with JAMF Pro and using OC / NC since years for our endusers as a data respository.

unfortunaly there only 2 options to go:

  • Get a branded iOS Client for your Organisation.
  • Teach your endusers how to Login to your server. :slight_smile: