Make app ready for NC28


for me, to be unable to use under NC28 is just a showstoper.

Perhaps someone from Nextcloud or anybody elso could help mamatt (Matthieu Le Corre) · GitHub to make it compatible with NC28?


I’m sorry I don’t get the problem, it works for me with NC 28.0.1 (docker:apache)


please fill the required support template.

If there are specific issues or error please describe what you tried so far and which problems you hit!

Use search - lot of issues have been discussed already

Hey Joachim,

not sure if a dev is reading here. Hope never dies!

I am curious and ask you about the use case.
Is it a content description for you?

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Hello Mark,

my clients get a public link for each file in which the documents relating to the procedure are stored and they can also upload documents.
Information about the file such as rubrum and file number as well as legal information is then automatically stored in a hidden .md file and displayed in the header and footer of the public download area.

Thx Willi for your reply…
Since is shown in the store and in Nextcloud itself as not compatible with NC28, I have so far relied on the statement from ernolf and the developer of the app mamatt on github and have not carried out my own tests.

The fact that on your Nextcloud also runs under NC28 gives me hope. However, even if it runs in my test installation, I am still too uncertain to try it out on the productive instance, as other subsequent problems cannot be ruled out. This is especially in view of the fact that a lot shall habve been changed under the hood of NC18.

The idea behind my post was that IMHO this is an app that rounds off Nextcloud’s groupware functions and that Nextcloud GmbH should perhaps also pay attention to it and where possible could support the developer.

I’ve mentioned this thread also to the github issue.

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