Make a comma using the "period" key on the numeric keypad (from an Azerty keyboard)

Hi !

I use an .xls file on my Nextcloud for accounting.
Except that I want to configure the fact that when I make a “point” from the numeric keypad, it makes a “comma”.
I tested from all the browsers at my disposal (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) without difference.
I couldn’t find any settings in my Nextcloud user.

If you need clarification, I am available, thank you in advance !

Bye !

In general you gave out not enough information. We even don’t know how you access that file .

Pls make sure to give out more info about your system.

Right now we can only guess. And it could be possible that you’re running an unfitting locale on your system.

I access this file from the light client version of Nextcloud from my browser (Tested with Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

For my system I am on a classic Windows 10 Pro version
As explained I have an azerty keyboard because I am French

The version of Nextcloud is 23.0.5

I don’t know what more to give as information.

What is the light client?

The layout of your keyboard doesn’t really matter as long as it corresponds correctly with the “locale” set on your server.

If you are unsure about which data and info to give out, get an impression here: our support form