Mail > Internal Server Error

after the update 24.0.7, I tried NC25, but came back, because Mail stopped functioning.
I waited for 24.0.8 (which i just updated to) but the error remains so I’m reporting here.

## Internal Server Error
The server was unable to complete your request.
If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator.
More details can be found in the server log.
### Technical details
* Remote Address:
* Request ID: (code)

There are many logs in Nextcloud > Settings > Logging
but I don’t know which one to publish here.

So here are the fisrt lines, please, if you consider helping here, tell me which one owuld be useful to copy/paste entirely here.

Fatal no app in context BadFunctionCallException: signatureMode is not a valid attribute
Error index BadFunctionCallException: signatureMode is not a valid attribute
Error PHP Error: Undefined array key “repeatTime” at /home/eve/web/
Debug scss_cacher SCSSCacher::resetCache Locking removed
Error updater \OC\Repair::error: Repair error: signatureMode is not a valid attribute
Debug updater \OC\Updater::checkAppStoreApp: Checked for update of app “mail” in appstore

So, I’m now using NC 24.0.8
on VPS ubuntu 22.04 php 8.1
I stopped using APCu for REDIS

Thanks if you can help or guide me :v:

Can you elaborate on “came back”?

yes of course
I moved back to 24.0.7

Downgrading is explicitly not supported.

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When you upgraded the mail app a new database column “signature_mode” was created. The old version of Mail don’t know the column and errors out.

mail/Version1140Date20220628174152.php at aa61b8a8d511d15fbd07450de8cee34927d3bf84 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub is the migration.

Step 1:

The column “signature_mode” was added to the tables “oc_mail_accounts” and “oc_mail_aliases”.

Remove the column manually (for example with phpMyAdmin)

Step 2:

We keep a list of applied migrations in “oc_migrations”.
If you remove the column (a.k.a reverting the migration) it’s necessary to delete the related record in “oc_migrations” to run the migration again when you update to 25.

  • Go to “oc_migrations” (for example with phpMyAdmin)
  • Delete the row with app = “mail” and version = “1140Date20220628174152”

well, thanks a lot for your answers.
So the mistake was mine.
I’ve upgraded to 25.0.2 and Mail came back to work. Perfect ! on that topic.

Unfortunately, many apps are not compatible with NC 25
as AppOrder - and we do like this one …
I guess we’ll have to wait ^^

thanks again very much :crossed_fingers:

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arff, that’s not the news I wanted to read…
but thanks @KarlF12
I guess we’ll have to try then
have a nice day :sunny: