macOS App: Automatically save a screenshot inside nextcloud and copy the link into the clipboard

It’s my first post, so first I like to thank all the developers of nextcloud for their work for that great project. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Thanks for the time you spent, for all the carefullness, the creativity, … I respect that so much!

I like to suggest a tiny little but very useful feature, which I know from Dropbox.

When you set an option in the settings of the dropbox macos app for screenshots, every captured screenshot on macOS is saved in a folder “screenshots” and the URL to share that screenshot is saved in the clipboard.

There is no other method to share a screenshot with less effort.

I would love to see that feature in the macOS app.

May be you like that suggestion.

It’s probably better to put this feature request in the client repository:

Closest app is Monosnap for MacOS and Windows. Screenshots, Gif, Mp4 videos with editing options and webdav support. I’m struggling with setting webdav support as mentioned below, but saving to local nextcloud folders is no problem.

@splitt3r Also discovered this php screenshot app, which looks like a great possible option for Nextcloud core or as an app.

I created a macOS folder action to achieve this. You can download it at

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thank’s for your job