Mac sync client does not conncet to NC 12

The mac client does not connect after an upgrade to NC 12. I tried both the current version as well as the Nextcloud- and Nextcloud- from It seems to be the old dreaded TLS issue.

The owncloud sync client works, however.

I’m still having that problem with connecting to Nextcloud 11 using the beta sync client:

Use the owncloud client, it just works.

That’s the only option, unfortunately. It’s also the only option for our user base which is confusing. I’ve told the ownCloud to Nextcloud story about a dozen times now. :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s weird - I don’t get it either. Especially if you put out a post front and center that people should switch from owncloud to Nextcloud…


is there any update on this?

We constantly get pointed to the various RC/beta by Nextcloud employees here and on Github. But theses versions simply don’t work with a decent TLS configuration. And when giving feedback about these versions not working, you get ignored.

If there are e.g. internal reasons to not to get this to work, at least explain this to the community! Constantly pointing to not working prereleases and then ignoring feedback about these again not working - for months - pisses people off over time and is not professional.