Looking for someone to create a sIP integration NextTalk

Good day,

The company I work for is looking for someone to create sIP integration into Nextcloud for conference calls.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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i suggest to search the forum for sip… there are several threads dealing with that… (and even one person looking for a sip-dev here in 2017, already)

at least it seems as if there’s a sip-bridge built-in to talk, alreay ( --> Nextcloud 14 now available with Video Verification, Signal/Telegram 2FA support, Improved Collaboration and GDPR compliance )

I had searched using google before joining the forum, I couldn’t find a solid answer, so I’m now trying to get a solid solution. :slight_smile:

that why i suggested searching THE FORUM here… you might wanna try the :mag: in the uppper right corner yourself?

If you are willing to use something other than NCTalk your chances are probably better. Generally SIP support is good in the XMPP ecosystem.

Right now the problem is that the JSXC client for Nextcloud is outdated (and I am not sure if it supports SIP calls) and the ConverseJS client port (which with a community plugin supports SIP for sure) was never completed: https://gitlab.com/lil5/nextcloud-conversejs

It could be a complete stand alone app for nextcloud, just would need the support of people being able to call in and also web login, similar to webex.

ConverseJS with a open-fire or ejabberd xmpp server and the audioconf plugin can definitly do that (this comes from openfire’s Pade ConverseJS fork).

But when browsing the open fire website I noticed this just now: https://collecttix.github.io/ctxSip/

Maybe sufficient?

Hello ryans i can do that based on:

You can try it right now dial in trunk up to 99 Users is:
+49 8042 9999114

with PIN: 22#

The integration is pretty easy:
1.) In freepbx create a new account with name nextcloud
2.) From that account just call the conference room followed by PIN, e.g ‘sip:998@v220200346513111866.hotsrv.de

If you install freepbx you can use your own Trunk dial in number up to 255 users of course.

Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems like the very recently open-sourced NC-Talk backend server can be made to work with the JANUS gateway that might be able to do SIP. Seem more here: