Login fails after Upgrade

Hello guys,

after updating from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 the login with clients like nextcloud-client and nextcloud app for android, such as thunderbird for syncing calendar and contacts, fails.

Nextcloud version : 11.0.3
Operating system and version: shared hoster on netcup (i think its ubuntu)
Apache or nginx version : 2.4
PHP version : 7.1
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?:

Can you reliably replicate it? (If so, please outline steps):

The issue you are facing:
If I try to login with my clients I get an error

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:
My logs write nothing about my error.

The output of your config.php file in /path/to/nextcloud (make sure you remove any identifiable information!):

The output of your Apache/nginx/system log in /var/log/____:
I have no access to this log

Can someone Please help me I dont want to install a new nextcloud server

It sounds like you need to generate a new app password for that sync client. You would do that by logging in to the web interface, going to Personal, and adding an app password there.

Are you using two factor authentication?

hello linucksrox, thanks for response!
must i have a app password for each client? i think no, it must work with my user+password

No i don’t use two factor authentication, just my username and password, but i can activate the two factor authetication, if this fix my problem!
i believe that the new version of owncloud set a setting, that does not allow me to log in with my client, but i dont know what kind of setting it could be. maybe file permissions?

sorry for my bad english!

If you had two factor enabled, you would need to use a specific app password for each client. But since it is not enabled, you should also be able to use your username+password. If that’s not working, I would start by checking that the time on your server matches the time set on your client device (same timezone and everything), maybe it’s related to this:

Hey linucksrox,

the timezone and date+time is okay! this hasn’t fixed my problem, but I set the loglevel to Debug and tried to login and then I got entries in my log:

	Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotAuthenticated: HTTP/1.1 401 No 'Authorization: Basic' header found. Either the client didn't send one, or the server is misconfigured

[internal function] Sabre\DAV\Auth\Plugin->beforeMethod(Object(Sabre\HTTP\Request), Object(Sabre\HTTP\Response))
/var/www/vhosts/hosting5891.af939.netcup.net/httpdocs/nextcloud/3rdparty/sabre/event/lib/EventEmitterTrait.php - line 105: call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
/var/www/vhosts/hosting5891.af939.netcup.net/httpdocs/nextcloud/3rdparty/sabre/dav/lib/DAV/Server.php - line 466: Sabre\Event\EventEmitter->emit('beforeMethod', Array)
/var/www/vhosts/hosting5891.af939.netcup.net/httpdocs/nextcloud/3rdparty/sabre/dav/lib/DAV/Server.php - line 254: Sabre\DAV\Server->invokeMethod(Object(Sabre\HTTP\Request), Object(Sabre\HTTP\Response))
/var/www/vhosts/hosting5891.af939.netcup.net/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/dav/appinfo/v1/webdav.php - line 60: Sabre\DAV\Server->exec()
/var/www/vhosts/hosting5891.af939.netcup.net/httpdocs/nextcloud/remote.php - line 165: require_once('/var/www/vhosts...')

Sorry, I don’t know what else to look for here. The fact that the server is requesting a specific app password makes it sound like there’s something configured on the server like two factor authentication or something else. Maybe try enabling and then disabling two factor authentication for your account.

Otherwise I would post something on github and see if a developer can help you out.

if anyone else is stumbling upon this after a Nextcloud upgrade (in my case it was from 17 to 18):

DavX needs to be authentificated in nextcloud before it can login. Easiest way in my case was to go to the settings in the Android Nextcloud App and click “sync contacts…”. This will open a browser window where you can login to authentificate. After this DavX will be able to login again.

Guide on the DavX Homepage:

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