LockedException occures unregularly

Dear Guys.

I see following Log-Entry on my Nextcloud.


Is there any solution for that problem?

Is any other software using that Daten/KRISTALL/CG 293-2/Bruker/work/P21n.cif file? It seems that Nextcloud is attempting to sync the file but it’s locked by some other software modifying the file.

It’s possible that some sort of software is using it.

No, the LockedException is from Nextcloud itself, the file seems to be locked by another Nextcloud process.
This may happen from time to time, just wait until the lock timed out or was released and then redo your operation.

But I have never done anything, this exception comes from time to time by its own.
Unfortunately I cannot tell anything about the user interaction at this time period.

It might happen due to concurrent requests of (a single) sync client. Nothing you need to do about unless it happens all the time.

Ok! I will observer that! Thanks to both of you for your help!