List of hosting providers outdated

The list is wrong and there are more free nextcloud providers. I think there is no problem to post something about free nextcloud providers with free (AGPL) software nextcloud.

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This was my next point, but I am trying to find the post here, and I will also raise as an issue on the git.

Is a list of providers who work with Nextcloud and provide a simple signup. Any other provider may enlist at if they don’t offer simple signup.

There are al lot of free nextcloud hoster not on the list. But some of them on the list like OwnCube does not offer free accounts anymore. User get an error. It is no problem to not offer a free account. But the list ist wrong and must be updated.

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Raised on Git. Sorry for being late. It slipped out of my mind…

I closed the issue. Fix for owncube is already on the way. If or operationtulip wan’t they can join simple signup and will be listed. It’s not possible to “just” add providers there. They need to provide credentials for the signup process. is in on the webside, operationtulip not

@skjnldsv removed OwnCube from
Thank you again for reporting :+1:

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[Simple sign up] CloudFiles ( doesn't work anymore another outdated one.

Also it’d be great if the community list’s PRs would get worked on.

@kesselb Please delete also “CloudFiles” reported from @Afzal .

Please ping @skjnldsv or @jospoortvliet next time as I don’t have the permission to do it.