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You ought to consider that Hetzner makes no backup. Have no Collabora Online or OnlyOffice. And you cant use every App.

And not to forget that Hetzner has no support at the weekend. Have you a problem or Nextcloud is down you must wait until monday.

But hey, it is the cheapest hoster in cross the world :wink:

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Hello @sikkdays,

I am not related to hetzner and want to be neutral.

Have a great sunday.


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On hosted Nextcloud, you don’t know in general how they install and maintain their setup. So I’d go for a test account first or use a short-term subscription.


I still need to get the hang of Nextcloud, but so far I have not encountered a single problem. The servers are fully managed and it seems that the user does not have to do anything on the technical site. No warning in the admin overview - could you specify what you mean by that, however? The traffic is limited to 2TB for the 500GB NX20 server - more than enough for me. The traffic speeds for you in Canada should probably not be of concern and still fast enough. I have no knowledge on their backup policies for redundancy. You can just test it for a few bucks as you can cancel after your first month. The registration is via the Hetzner console. I ran a security check on and my server was rated A+. Thanks for the referral code offer, but I do not believe they have that option and I also do not really deserve it as was only recommended to me a few days back in this thread.

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Hetzner uses technologies to keep the service up, like RAID, DB Cluster etc. (bottom of

A real backup (protection against accidently deleting/overwriting files etc.) is maybe better done on a desktop computer, where all contents of Nextcloud are synced to. Then you restore files from several months ago if needed.

I used Hetzner services (colo rack, rented servers, VPS) for many years (not Nextcloud, just saw that offer some days ago), never had problems.

Two thoughts about hosted Nextcloud (at a provider like Hetzner) vs. own Nextcloud Server at home:

  • You have to trust the provider, and if you want to escape e.g. Google Cloud Services then why switch to just another company and trust that company?
  • Also legally there is a disadvantage: Governments worldwide try to access data stored in the cloud e.g. for law enforcement (can be anything from copyright stuff to tax payments…). They just need the right law, and then can easily access all your cloud storage (providers are forced to give access…), without anyone noticing it.
    If the data is on your server at home they have to kick in the door, need quite some people to search your house, have it approved by a judge, and you even have rights in that process - MUCH harder than just asking a provider “we need all data from person X”.
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Never said that RAID replaces a backup. I suggested to backup the locally synced files. Cause that can be managed with an easy to use desktop application.

I do think that Hetzner will have some form of backup, cause they don’t want to lose all customer data if something bad happens (bad for reputation…). But their backup would be restored without control of the user. e.g. to the state of 12h ago or so (so no proper backup from user side of course).

I totally get your point. These are my concerns as well, but I thought that somehow a transparent “zero knowledge” encryption in which only the user holds the encryption key was possible - I now assume it is not and there is always the aspect of trust. But given that you always have to trust the provider anyway, what is the point of server-side encryption? And are there really no Nextcloud providers which offer a setup in which only the user knows the encryption key (it should be technically possible)?

Also, hosting your own server is an non-practical solution for many. For obvious reasons, such as technical knowledge, costs but also security and the environment if I am not mistaken. If you are not an expert, it is generally safer to trust a good company and not mess with your own server, right?

It seems that they fixed the cron job issue, so it is no longer in the overview, but it was listed above the current warning about php before. So I was just saying I don’t have recourse to change the PHP version (or remedy the cron job issue as I did self-hosting) because they manage that bit.

So I was curious to know if you had anything in the Admin Overview section because I feared some providers may just plop up the software as-is without doing any troubleshooting to make sure it would run smoothly.

Why do not you use end-to-end encryption of Nextcloud?

I think the most Fully Managed Nextcloud Hoster support this feature!

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It should normally show a message when the cronjob ran for the last time. They could have removed this part from the code as well, so you don’t know if they really fixed it.

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I would not recommend to use E2E app.

As the developers also say: It’s in Alpha status and you shouldn’t use it productive! - I made some tests and can agree this totally.

I’m also searching for a hosted NC solution where you can be sure for 100% that only you have the decryption key for your hosted data, @maniacmindhunter

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Unfortunately, only E2E encryption is secure in this point. Server-side encryption is just a large source of problems without providing real protection (it was designed for external storage). If you don’t want to use Nextcloud’s E2E yet, there are also VeraCrypt containers, Cryptomator, …

A bit OT, but is it actually possible to enable it just for external storages?

Should be, I think they even made it optional on which external storages you want to enable it.

You get what you pay for …

Data loss …

FYI: I´m not the Twitter User Fusl, I only found it on twitter.

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