Linux distribution packages for the desktop clients - help out!

Let us know how it goes :smiley:

I just installed the package, all looks good! Thank you for the effort!

Will the NC client pickup the old local sync db from owncloud? Should we delete that first? I’m talking about the “.csync_journal” files

it should pick that up.

We need reviewers. :slight_smile:

This worked great. Thanks!. Not sure why the main nextcloud site doesn’t have these directions. It links to another site that doesn’t work.

How does the guys at Firefox do to keep it up from the normal release and the supported release on the Ubuntu repos.

I think that model would be the ideal goal.
Am I right?

On The NC website there is still a link to If i understand correctly, it should be replaced by, right?
Will test it soon …

OK i tested it with, works fine thanks for making that possible.
What i still miss is the syncstatus on the files itself when you look at a folder, with the owncloud-client it was the package owncloud-client-nemo.
@ivaradi can you add that too?


I have added the Nautilus and Nemo packages. Please, give it a try, and let me know th results. (If you use Trusty, the new packages may not be available for a few minutes).

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I installed the nemo package, restarted the system and entered the Nextcloud Folder, but no sync-icons are present.
what logs could help you determine the issue here?
Thanks for your effort anyways so far!

It turned out that the build script producing the Nemo version of the syncstate plugin did not correctly rewrite the app name, so it remained “ownCloud”, which was used to refer to a Unix socket. I have fixed the script and uploaded the new source packages. The builds are in progress as I write this, but should be ready in a few minutes.

Please, update the package and let me know if it works this time.

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It works, thanks very much for your help and dedication!

the distribution does - and yeah, that’s what we would like to see :wink:

The PPA is a great step forward for this, I now link to it from our install page.

Can i use this ppa for debian jessie?
If yes, which ubuntu-version should i choose?

The new location of the Nextcloud client PPA is ppa:nextcloud-devs/client. To start using it, issue the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client
sudo apt-get update

You can remove the old one by:

sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:ivaradi/nextcloud-client-ppa

I am going to update only the new PPA and will delete the old one in some time.


AFAIK the PPA is not usable for Debian Jessie. However, you can try the following repository:

deb /

This deb did it, thank you.

Nice, how would I get this? As in: download the code, build it, start application… or can I download the AppImage itself somewhere?

Having a PPA regularly updated is great :gift:.

The desktop sync client did not really work for me @ivaradi . I use Linux Mint 18 x64 and Nextcloud 11.0.1

It worked about for half a day. I just uploaded a lot of files with the client and after a while it quit working, while uploading (!). I always had an “can not connect” error although i can connect by ssh and browser from the same machine.

Then i uninstalled and reinstalled it, it worked again for a (short) while and then again: “can not connect”.

That was too much for my nerves then and therefore i switched back to the Owncloud client of SuSE repo. That worked for me, since months.

PS: I don’t understand why Nextcloud is not offering an official repo for the Linux client. For example, Webmin is also open source and they provide an official repo.