Linux-Client: Nextcloud shown twice in Nautilus(=Gnome-Files)-Sidebar. How can I remove the double entry?

for some reason, I had to change the account I use the Nextcloud-client on Linux with, so I removed the first account and added the other. Everything is fine, besides:
In the Nautilus (Gnome-Files) Sidebar, Nextcloud appears now twice!
How can I get rid of that second useless entry? (It has exactly the same function as the first one.)

I dont know exactly what to do but I can give you a direction for your research.

Configuration files for nautilus should be stored in a hidden folder in your home folder (a folder witha dot at the beginning of the folder name)

Maybe it helps removing this folder (of course back it up first) and then starting nautilus.

Did you connect to Nextcloud via the online accounts feature in gnome?

Thanks for your answer, alexanderdd.
find -name nautilus gave me that two folders:
renaming both and restarting Nautilus resulted in no success.

Uninstalling the Arch Linux - nextcloud-client-cloudproviders 3.1.3-1 (x86_64) package resulted in removing both Nextcloud-entries in the sidebar.
Re-installing nextcloud-client-cloudproviders brought both back.
Same with uninstalling and reinstalling nextcloud-client.
(I used sudo pacman -Rn nextcloud-client-cloudproviders and so I hoped configuration files were deleted, but anyway, all my sharing-settings survived that uninstall-process…)