Where to report bugs for nextcloud-client-nautilus?

I found an issue with Gnomes Nautilus v45 and nextcloud-client-nautilus. But i cannot find the right repo for reporting a bug.

Fedora Packages鹿 lists nextcloud-client-nautilus as a sub package of nextcloud-client. So is this 虏 the right place to report an issue?

1: GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 馃捇 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud

2: nextcloud-client-nautilus - Fedora Packages

BTW: i already filed the issue with Gnome here: Nextcloud targets shown twice in sidebar (#3169) 路 Issues 路 GNOME / Files 路 GitLab

Thank you for you answers

PS: This old thread is not relevant, as the dekstop file is already the 鈥渃leaner鈥 version: Linux-Client: Nextcloud shown twice in Nautilus(=Gnome-Files)-Sidebar. How can I remove the double entry? - #5 by akhilman


Thanks for your report.

The code for the nautilus / libcloudproviders integration is at GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 馃捇 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud.

I guess it鈥檚 fine to open a report with our desktop repository.
The fedora package is likely built from our sources.