Latest-16.tar.bz2 missing from

My script to create a FreeNAS jail for Nextcloud relies on the latest-version.tar.bz2 file on, so I don’t need to update the script to account for each point release. But though NC16 seems to be released, I don’t see a latest-16.tar.bz2 file there (specifically, in Is the release just too new to have this ready yet?

I’m no developer of Nextcloud, but I would guess so. NC16 is just released and the very first release. Not even sure, if there will be a “lastest-…” for the first releases and I didn’t have a look at that before unfortunately.
Isn’t there a way to let your script check both, latest-version.tar.bz2 and nextcloud-highestnumber.tar.bz2 (

I’m not checked how you’re grabbing the information in your script, but I would use the following commands to extract all available releases, without the need to use the “latest” link:

available_releases=`curl -s | \
    grep 'href="next' | sed 's/^.*href="\([^"]*\).*$/\1/g' | \
    grep -v -E "asc$|md5$|sha256$|sha512$|zip$"`

I’m not; I don’t need to. I simply download (I could instead download latest.tar.bz2 if I didn’t want to stick with a defined major release, but since things change from one to the next it seems safer to stick with one release until the next is tested). As of right now, there’s a latest-15 (which points to 15.0.7), and a latest (which also points to 15.0.7), but it’s almost like 16.0 is a “phantom” release–it’s there, there are a few posts about it, but there’s no release announcement (there’s a posted changelog, but no announcement as such), nothing’s gone out via email, and the “latest” download files aren’t there yet. Maybe this is just “in progress” at the moment.

I’m sure there is, but it would significantly complicate things.

You could fetch the latest version automatically instead, like this:

Well …

And I believe this is the reason latest doesn’t point to NC16 yet. There was quite an issue flood here in the forum with the release of NC14 and I think since then devs always suggest to wait for X.0.1 version if users can’t afford issues with their servers.

OK, the first link you posted was apparently the release announcement. You can’t tell that from the headline, though–it could just as well be talking about coming features in a yet-to-be-released version, or about new features in a version released some time ago. The second link (and a couple of others currently on the front page at, though, aren’t release announcements, they just talk about new/changed features–and on a quick glance, there’s nothing to distinguish them from the first link you gave. This could easily be fixed in the headline with a single word: “Nextcloud 16 released: introduces machine learning…”.

But with all of that said, you’re right, there is a release announcement–it just isn’t obvious that it is a release announcement until you read the text.

But it’s disappointing that two weeks after the release, they still don’t have latest-16 available.

I see latest-16.tar.bz2 is now there, dated 24 Apr, but with checksums dated only today. Looks like this is now resolved.