Large files cannot be uploaded when object storage is used as the primary storage

I’m use object storage as the primary storage, and during using I met a problem. When the uploaded file is large(the test file size is 5GB), it can’t transfer from my server to object storage server.
Here are the logs:

Some user found a workaround for an older version and a different storage:

There was a bug report last year as well:

couple of experiences from dealing with this issue:

  1. check if the s3 bucket is using ipv4/6 dualstack, in which case connecting via ipv6 might be slower with a much bigger latency

  2. in Nextcloud 21.0.2, there are three parameters

that you can play with inside

to adjust the nextcloud upload chunking to resolve the latency issue

As I had this issue as well just now, I thought to share the solution that worked for me: