Language Translation

I have select thai language in personal info settings area and then settings has been saved.
When moved to nextcloud files section then some file related words is translated but unable to translate left menu words and top menu words. Is there any bug?

Can you help me for how to translate all words in nextcloud??

I have attached screenshot for more idea about my problem defination.

i am really feeling awful but which language is it? thai? georgian? something completely different? iā€™m lost

btw: you could check the status of translation for your own language yourself under

and maybe you wanna become a translator yourself? :wink:

awww and final note: i moved the thread to translations where it might fit better.


@silentinfotech We invite you to the group of translators. :wink:

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are both locale and language configured? because as far as I know the time string depends on the local while the UI strings depend on the language