Lag between ONLYOffice and Document folder updates

Hi all,
I am running ONLYOffice v. 6.0.2 and Community Document Server v. 0.1.8
I have had this problem in Nextcloud v. 19.3 (maybe before also) and after update to v. 20.0.0

The problem:
When I open a docx document in ONLYOffice and I alter the document, I can download it with File -> Download as -> download docx and that works fine.
When I choose to download the same document from the Files view, I get an older version of the same document.
It also seems that the synchronization to my computer shows the altered document after a (long) period of time.

What am I doing wrong?
It seems that the ONLYOffice version is updated into the view after a longer period of time.

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