Kodi and Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi

Hey Community,

I hope anyone can give me some good informations. I have a RPI3B+ with 8GB and 2 external SSDs with 1TB connected to it.

In the past i have used the RPI3B+ for KODI (running on LibreELEC). Now i would like also to install nextcloud on it so that i can use the two ext. SSDs to store my pictures also from my smartphone to the nextcloud and i would also have access to the SSDs wherever i am.

Is it ok to run KODI and NExtcloud on one RPI? I would like to run nextloud in the background and mainly i will use it to run KODI cause my IPTV is running on it:-)

I´m also thinkig about to get an RPI4 with 8GB RAM. The only problem fpr me now is what is the best way to install nextcloud on the Libreelec Kodi RPI??? Shall i use an repository like “Linuxserver.io” or should i install it from commandline with docker???

hey @Ency

I’d like to suggest this searchstring to you as there are many threads aboutr Kodi and NC.

Pls make sure to search the forum yourself next time before opening a new thread.

BTW: From what I remember a RPi3B+ is a bit weak for an actual NC-release (I ran one myself) and I guess I really can’t suggest running Kodi and NC on such a hardware anymore. My 2ct.

oh sorry. i promise next time to search better. I will get an raspberry pi4 with 8GB and i hope it will work good on it.

i just saw: it’s more or less a crossposting…
I’m closing this thread in favor for Nextcloudpi und Libreelec auf RPI because there are already answers…

@Ency pls try to avoid crosspostings in the future. Thank you again.