Kickstart Upload of Photos


Today I took some photos while out and about. I have “instant picture uploads” switched on with “Upload pictures via wifi only”. So I expected them not to upload until I got home and re-connected to my wifi. However that hasn’t happened.

Is there a way to get the Android app (1.2.0) to recognise there are outstanding photos to upload?

I know it’s possibly to upload them manually but that kind of defeats the object of the “instant upload” setting.


Can you have a look in the sidebar -> uploads? There should be the outstanding uploads.

No there are no uploads outstanding. I even took a couple more photos (whilst on wifi) and they haven’t been picked up either.

I’ve now tried:

  • clear the cache of the Nextcloud app
  • changing the settings to allow on mobile data too
  • changing the settings to disable instant uploads then re-enable it
  • remove the account and re-add it
  • remove the app and re-add it

Actually having done the last of these I can see, by tailing the log on my server, that it’s scanning all the files available. This will take a while so maybe it’ll do something after that. I’ll wait and see.

EDIT: I was mistaken it’s looking for all my directories not files. Still that’s quite a few. I’ll wait til its done.

What mobile device (brand, model, android version) do you use?
The instant upload feature relies on a notification sent by android that a new picture was taken.
Some brands have custom modifications that prevent working this.

It’s a Nexus 6P so it’s running stock Android. It’s currently running Android 7.0 (Nougat). Actually it looks like Nextcloud hasn’t auto-uploaded any photos since the upgrade but that could be a coincidence.

@latepaul than we have (unfortunately) found the issue. Thanks to Google (they have completely changed the way background services have to be implemented) at this very moment instant uploads for photos and videos are actually broken on Android N :cry:

Thanks Andy. I’ll have to manually upload them for now.

Unfortunately yes. We share the same pain here (running Android 7.0 on a Nexus5X).

Check this out :wink: