It seems like the ip-address is set to an internal or reserved ip-address. This is not supported

Firstly, I’ve only been using Ubuntu Linux for about 2 years.
I am a total newb when it comes to networks and security.
But I wanted to learn, so I bought an Odroid HC4 and have it running openmediavault.
Tried installing Nextcloud and faced several hurdles that I am overcoming very slowly.

First tried to use a reverse-proxy as I thought that was the most secure way, but after failing the whole day, I stopped trying and moved on to the installation without reverse-proxy.
Now finally at the Nextcloud AIO v7.2.1 set up screen when browsing to https://my-Odroid-IP:8080.

I can’t get past this point, I’ve set different A records and got different error messages.
The one I am currently facing is: “It seems like the ip-address is set to an internal or reserved ip-address. This is not supported.” Sounds like this is because I set an A-record for a subdomain ‘’ which points to the IP address of my Odroid. But I have no clue and would love some guidance.

Been searching for solutions and stumbled upon Reddit threads where people are saying that it’s a bad idea to have a public facing Nextcloud instance, when you have such low level skills around networking and security. Kind of makes me worry that I bit up more than I can chew. But anyway, I’d love to learn!

Any advice or tips on how to move forward with the domain name stuff?
And maybe some tips on what I need to learn or tools to use to be able to keep my cloud secure?

So the thing is that AIO can only get a valid certificate automatically which it requires for certain components if you have a domain, configure dns to point at your home network and open port 443 and port that to your server.

If you dont want to make it public-facing, see for options.

I was under the impression that if it’s not public facing, I won’t be able to access Nextcloud while traveling? Although I did read that it could be not public, and you could still access it through VPN. But that seems like a whole other rabbit hole to go into :slight_smile:

Turns out my ISP does not allow opening port 443.
Might have to look into getting a different ISP.

Or perhaps I should look into running it locally and accessing through VPN as I was reading?

This would probably be easier for you in the long run

Not possible with port forwarding from my router settings I guess?
Not too keen on changing ISP at the moment. Also a bit worried about opening ports to potential hackers, because of my limited knowledge around networks and security.

It seems like I can’t access openmediavault anymore either?
Before I just had to browse to the IP of my Odroid, but now that gives me:

" This site can’t provide a secure connection

Odroid IP address sent an invalid response.