Issue with "Text" App under Internet Explorer 11


With Nextcloud 18.0.3 (and 18.0.2) we are unable to use the “Text” Apps to display and edit files with IE 11.719.18362.0

Each times we open a folder with a or when we try to edit one, we get a lot of error inside IE Console:
2020-03-31 15_35_51-Window

This error is looping and makes the browser unusable. No issue under Firefox, Chrome and Brave.

Of course, disabling the apps solve the issue but it’s not a real solution in our case…

Did someone already had this type of issue with this apps ?


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Hi lih,

It seems their intention is to support IE11

My guess is the problem is in one of the dependencies which doesn’t respect this and has no Proxy poly-fill.

Not sure if maintainers will address this so I would recommend installing the legacy Text app which needs to be done similar to the explanation here via command line: [SOLVED] Does Markdown Editor no longer work?

But to see if they will look into fixing this with standard Text app open an issue here:

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Thanks for your reply,
I’ll look to install the legacy version of this app for the moment and open an issue.

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