Issue when sharing multiple pictures from the gallery app

Hi all,

I have a little issue when sharing multiple pictures from the gallery app, in french “Echec de l’envoi, impossible d’envoyer IMG…”

to reproduce: select multiple images in gallery > share > nextcloud> whatever folder
if I do it with only one picture it works fine. If Ishare from the camera app, it works fine too.

I tested it on my 24.0.3 instance with my phone running Lineage and also with the phone of my collaborator running Android 12 with same error.

Thanks in advance for help…


Some precisions: when the upload fails, it goes in the history of the phone app as failed.
From there, if I click the failed files, the uploads restart and succeed even when I click on several files in the same time…
I can see no error in the server logs. I think the problem is in the client side.

There was a discussion some days ago. There is no option to share multiple images. I copy or move the images to one folder and share the folder.

Thank you for the answer, in the gallery app you can select multiple files and use the share tool, but it bugs (on Lineage we retried on android and it seems to work).
I found a workaround: auto share the phone picture folder to a Nextcloud folder so that every take picture is directly transmitted and I sort later… but it is a bit data intensive.