V24: creating photo galleries

is there an addon, (hidden) feature, special app, …, to create a gallery to share more than one photo of the photos app?
It’s simple via the context menu (Win 10) to copy a public link of one file. But it would be nice if I could select multiple files (in this case: photos) to get such a link for sharing the selected photos within a gallery (not by creating a subfolder).


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What’s the relation to NextCloud?

It can be used as an addition to Nextcloud

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There is no other option to share multiple photos directly from the photo app not using third party tools?

I copy the photos in one folder and share the folder. Normally i sort photos in folders anyway.

Nope. Let’s say the feature set of Nextloud Photos is very basic compared to dedicated solutions like PhotoPrism.

You can follow the app development on GitHub and look for open Feature Requests or Issues, or open your own…

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… of all things, such an important feature only with basic features :frowning:

But thanks for answering me!

Well I would be grateful too if the Photos app would be improved. But I think the core developers of the Nextcloud GmbH rather focus on the groupware features in order to compete with Google Workspace or M365. Which is understandable, because these features are requested by their corporate customers and that’s where the money comes in. The Photos app on the other hand is mainly used by home users and therefore has to be seen more as a community project. So anyone who wants to see improvements and is capable of doing so can contribute code…

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@webaschtl @bb77
I think it is not only a problem of the photo app. I think it is a sharing problem. A cool feature would be sharing of tagged files (all files with same tag). Then you can tag e.g. photos and share them together. But tag is also only a basic feature.

Less of a problem for me, as I manage everything the old-fashioned way in folders.

Yes. You’re right. It’s also not possible to share multiple files or folders at once in the Files app. Which is something Google Drive can do btw :wink:

Maybe. I do not use Google Drive.

Alternative for @webaschtl (not really good)
You can use the app Guests (video) and share single files and multiple folders for external users. Public link is not possible. But you can create a guest user e.g. with the username photos and password password. Then you send not a public link but the link to your nextcloud login page and the credentials photos/password to the user. The correct data can you test with login with the same credentials.

I haven’t used it for a long time… But I still have my Google account.

Me, too. You need a Google account e.g. for Android.

This is exactly the case for me as well…

To share photos from/within Nextcloud, it would be very nice if I could e.g. just select the photos for which a unique link is created with a random ID that “nobody” can guess, then use that link in my emails - done! The recipient only needs one click/touch to view my Nextcloud photos in a gallery - without any further credentials, eMail addresses or passwords or …

That’s all I would need. At least not in most of my cases …


Little off topic,

What I see, Nextcloud Photo App or gallery lacks way behind what @Sanook suggested.

Nextcloud is geared more towards a reliable backend but it’s multimedia front end capabilities are really basic. PhotoPrism is meant to do exactly what you intended. Think of it like Google Photos, where as Nextcloud is more like Google drive !!

PhotoPrism can sync or even share the Nextcloud user data folder and works awesome.

I am using it on it;s sync mode along side of my Nextcloud, and I may also recommend you giving it a try along side of your Nextcloud.


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I quote myself:

I think as long as there are no better options, the easiest way is to copy the images into appropriate folders for sharing. When i share pictures with other people, i usually have the pictures structured like this anyway (folder per event)

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Yes, but often I wish to share specific photos from different events to different people…
Therefore a kind of “virtual galleries” without creating subfolders for each set of photos I want to share would be very elegant.


Maybe you can create an issue:
photos/issues (function for app photos)
server/issues (virtual shares e.g. tags)

I am reading the latest code changes in the Photos app on GitHub and if I interpret it correctly then the app will get a major overhaul for the upcoming NC 25.

Among other things it will contain the possibility to create albums and to share them with other users or as public link. :tada:

Additional niceties include a “on this day” feature that shows you old pictures similar to other platforms. Maybe that’ll even be available as a dashboard widget. :smirk: