Is there a good monitoring app / feature?


as an Nextcloud Admin I would be very interested in having a monitoring app / feature. I would like to see the following:

  • Usage Statistics
    ** How many users are active and when?
    ** Which platform do they use (Desktop / Mobile Browser, Talk App, Nextcloud App)
  • Client Statistics
    ** Which Client versions do my users use?
    ** Who uses a specific client version. E.g. there is this Bug in Windows Client 3.4 that produces wrong timestamps. I would like to know who uses this version and ask those people to update their client)

Is there any feature / app that enables me to do these kind of analysis?

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thank you very much for your very detailed input.
It looks like “monitoring” might have been the wrong word here. I don’t need to monitor my NC system to check its health state. I am really just interested in some basic usage statistics / informations. Therefore an external tool brings no advante to mee. - But I think you understood that, just wanted to make it clear again.

The two apps you mentioned look good, but as far as I understand I need to provide the data. Which means I would have to connect to the DB of my NC and pull the data from there. That means I need to know the structure of the database to know what is stored where.

I am really surprised that there is no basic page/app within nextcloud that provides some very basic insights. Especially devise / client statistics would be very usefull.

serverinfo app shows some basic data (even as JSON - with newer versions you don’t need a user anymore - it’s possible to easily utilize this data)…

there is grafana dashboard which can visualize this data… it’s not much - but it gives you a little insight.

I started a thread some time ago but there was not many responses till now