Discussion: Nextcloud Monitoring

Hi all,

I plan to implement monitoring of my NC instance running on docker behind traefik reverse proxy. Main goal would be to detect problems like stopped services, slow operation but as bonus it should trigger alarms for specific conditions like multiple failed login attempts and uncommon file operations (e.g. files accessed/modified/deleted over threshold X). After some research I found grafana dashboards, netdata monitoring plugin and others. For me it looks as there is no common way to monitor Nextcloud, so Iā€™m asking for you wisdom (if you monitor your installation):

  • which tool(s) do you use
  • advantages and drawbacks of the solution
  • reference good tutorials

P.S. Ideally but not a must the solution monitors other home-style equipment like Fritzbox and Qnap-NAS

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I think for that part it would be great to have an app within Nextcloud to create warning on certain events. External tool could then ask this tool via an API.

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I found the thread as I am working to implement a monitoring solution and want to build on top of the collective wisdom.

I am looking at an open source packages, particularly ones that can support monitoring overall site availability, as well as, app performance.

If I can get something working, I will share what I found.