Is it okay to manage files (write, change, create) directly on the filesystem?


As you know the user’s nextcloud files is located at /data/‘username’/files.
I want to either sync or mount this to a computer so the user can work with the files directly (without get slowed down by NC).
Can I do this? I have read something that a occ files:scan may be required after, is that it?

nextcloud/data/‘username’/files ↔ “net use” as \\…\nextcloud\data\‘username’\files

nextcloud/data/‘username’/files. ← normal sync software/file copy → \\fileserver\‘username’\myfiles → “net use” as \fileserver\‘username’\myfiles’
(Make a script to do the OCC command all the time/after sync)

nextcloud/data/‘username’/files. ← rclone, webdav on NC side → \\fileserver\‘username’\myfiles → “net use” as \fileserver\‘username’\myfiles’


Maybe the user can use WebDAV or Nextcloud client program then you need no scan. Or use maybe SMB/Cifs from client and Nextcloud.

Did you read the → manual ← ?

okay, looks like webdav is the way how i read this.
Tested, Works mostly fine, but not for vlc.
Same as Nextcloud - can't stream via webdav to VLC