Iphone Client not working, but from Browser it works


I can not reach my nexclud Server from my iphone app. From Browser it does work without Problems and every other client ( Mac, Linux) is able to reach my host, too.

But on the Iphone App i always got the error : Verbindungsfehler : Fehlerhafte Anfrage

Even with QR Code it doesn"t work. But only from the app.
My Iphone has same subnet and subnetmask like the nextcloud host.

So from Browser it is available. Seems like a bug in this version.

Please help me.
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Can you check the server access log? Is there anything from the iOS client?

Do you use a domain or directly the to access it?

I have a possible solution to this issue, assuming that this issue happened while trying to access the server directly.

Similar to your situation, I was able to connect to the server through the same iOS device using a browser and other devices on my network.

The solution was to go into that device’s iOS settings, scroll down to find the nextcloud app and open its settings. Under “ALLOW NEXTCLOUD TO ACCESS”, enable “Local Network”.