IOS Error Sharing files with internal users

HI im having problems trying to share files from my iphone

Steps to reproduce

-open nextcloud ios-app
-“files” → chose a file
-enter name of another user → drop-down list appears → select user

and i get error “Share 404: the requested resource could not be found”

does anyone had this problem?


Please post more details e.g. nextcloud version and nextcloud logs.

If you use Nextcloud 22 perhaps it is this issue
Then you can use perhaps this workaround

Original thread (sorry in german):
Teilen von Ordnern in der Android App nicht möglich
(same error on iOS)

Hi @devnull , thanks for answering!
I was able to solve the problem by disabling Circles, I don’t remember in which of the two links I read it, but it was the solution and since I will not use it at the moment, it does not generate problems.

for others that have de same problem this my config

Ubuntu 20.04
PHP 7.4
NC Version 22.1.0

Thanks a lot

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verify shareType in params by ArtificialOwl · Pull Request #781 · nextcloud/circles · GitHub is part of “Circles”.

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The solution work as a charm!

For other with this error, should remplace or comment from line 100 to 101 in file lib/Collaboration/v2/CollaboratorSearchPlugin.php with:

		$params = $this->request->getParams();
		$shareType = $this->getArray('shareType', $params);
		if (empty($shareType) || in_array(IShare::TYPE_ROOM, $shareType)) {

thanks again @devnull

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