[iOS app] Synchronised folders not recursive?


i have a folder on my nextcloud with subfolders. i noticed that when I selected the top level folder to enable synchronisation on the iOS app that this does not contain any subfolders. as a result I have to manually enable sync on each individual subfolder.

would it be possible to have an option to enable subfolder sync? perhaps a popup after you enable synchronisation to ask “all folders” or “just this folder”.

the same option would also need to exist when synchronisation is removed from a folder.

cheers, wizdude.

Hi @wizdude the problem is that it’s not a file system but a webdav (system) and it’s slow for read the tree :zipper_mouth: … recursive structures are not good :thinking: we hope to have in future API more appropriate


thanks for the reply and explanation.

perhaps then we need to consider the handling of “settings / synchronised folders” because you just get a single list on the “Active synchronisations of folders” screen.

if you are doing a lot of folders this becomes a hard to use list. it would be great to have this organised in some sort of collapsing folder structure which is similar to the original folder structure.

cheers, wizdude

yes @wizdude this is a good solution but you have to use the function of sync. with sparingly … every time that Nextcloud return in foreground check all directory / all file if are changed … :nerd:

Any news on this one? I have the same problem, I have tons of photos I want to sync/have offline available on my iOS devices, but due to the amount of files I need a lot of subfolders.

Of course I understand it will bring a lot of trouble when the client compares file lists every time it starts with so many folders/files. But that’s a thing the NC/Client system should be able to handle.

arrive a solution :smiley:

please do tell. what have you worked out?

cheers, wizdude.

@wizdude do you want became a beta tester for Nextcloud iOS ? (preview new sync folder -> now Offline), send me a message.


done cheers.


thanks always great server and app.

I canged from owncloud.
then I got same issue.
I really need offline function…
could I be a beta tester?

Yes send me your e-mail for TestFlight.


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Thank you very much.
I am new here now. so I will Message you later.
cause I have to wait until message unlocked.
Thank you again.
I really appreciated

where do you want us to report bugs and issues that we discover?

cheers, wizdude


This is unclear to me. Is there an issue sync’ing recursively a folder tree on iPad or is it solved?

Is it possible to make all files available offline on iOS?