Sync big amount of data on mobile

Hi all, I don’t have an iPad on my hand right now so I can’t try.
I wonder if it’s possible to sync all account data.
What I mean is that all data has to be stored on my iPad so I can access it off-line.
As far as I remember, owncloud client didn’t support that.
When I wanted to open a file, it was going to download the file.
There was the possibility to keep that file syncronized but I need that for all of my files.

Thank you.

hi @sirio81 yes it’s possible but read this :


Thank you for the replay.
I’m wondering: does the desktop client work in a different way?
Is it possible for iOS client to use inotify instead of checking every time all files?
When you write

every time that Nextcloud return in foreground check all directory / all file if are changed

do you mean locally? On remote? Or both?
Thank you.

@sirio81 Both, the iOS call API for return list of file of directory synchronized and then compares the local database … there are the available API …