iOS App - Photo Upload - Sync deletions

Hey guys.

I’m new to iOS and the iOS Nextcloud app. Using the Photo Upload Feature I wondered if there is a way to sync deletions too.

Example: I take 3 pics of the same situation, all pics get uploaded, later then I decide to delete 2 of them in the iOS Photo App. The Problem is: The deletions won’t get synced.

Do you know any Solutions?

Thx in advance!

Hi @Bob-next
mmm i don’t understand … but delete in iOS Album photo ?

Hey there ios,

thx for your resonse!

Yup. But when I delete the picture in iOS Album, the picture won’t get deleted in the nextcloud app.
So I have to repeat every deletion in the nextcloud app.

@Bob-next it’s too dangerous … and not easy to intercept this event for the Apple politics.

any news for this issue?

I would also be very interrested in such a feature. Maybe it could be realized like the google photos app.
So that the nextcloud app is my gallery app too. Then it should be possible.
What do you think about this?

Hello, I have the same problem.
I think without this function photo upload is unusable for my.
Can you tell my the Class in Code so I can look for it myself?
Thx in advance!


I have the same problem, it would be nice if we had an option to choose if we want to keep deleted photos from camera roll on the nextcloud server or delete them as soon as we remove 'em fom the camera roll/iPhone Photos app.
I have 2k pictures and videos on my iPhone, finding and removing the exat same photo or more photos in the nextcloud app is kind of pain in the a**e and can cause too many mistakes.

Best regards.

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same here

I want to escape from Apple/Google cloud but photo dual sync is the only thing that take me there.

Same here !
It would be great if you could add an option for this !

Best regards