Ios app: are photos deleted on the server if they are deleted in the camera roll?

Hello all,

A simple question but as it is my wife iphone I do not want to take any risk (actually it is perhaps too late).

Are photos automatically uploaded on the server deleted from the server when they are manually deleted in the camera roll?

My wife iphone was low on storage, so I told her to delete old photos as they are already on our server. I think she did but now it seems they are missing from the server :fearful: . I have a backup so it is not too bad as I can restore them but I would like to know if she did something wrong (deleted from the ios app instead of the camera roll) or if it is the normal behavior.

I don’t think it is the normal behavior because of this: iOS App - Photo Upload - Sync deletions but I want to be sure.

Cheers and thanks for helping me to push foss to all the family without causing drama :sweat_smile:

Hey seal20! If they are deleted in the “Photos” app, they are not deleted from the Nextcloud server. However, if from the Nextcloud app, you go to the “Photos” tab and delete them there, they will be deleted from the server

Thanks a lot! I will be able to explain this to my wife and see what she did.