iOS App Photo Upload Quality


Today I realized that photos on Nextcloud uploaded from my iPhone are worse on quality than on iPhone. I’m using jpeg compatibility mode because I use Linux and can’t see heic formats easily.

Is there a way to upload photos with full quality?

This is interesting question. It’s been discussed earlier, but I can’t remember if there was a solution.
How clearly you can see that it’s worse quality?

I can clearly see the difference in colors and compression when zoomed-in. But colors are not acceptable

Hi, is this happening when you compare the photos on your phone’s gallery vs in the nextcloud app?

What happens if you select “Download the image in full resolution” for the photo?

I found that the “preview” that the app is giving me has usually lower detail, which would be ok, but the colors are way off. Once I download the full res image the colors just pop out right away.

I am wondering if there is a way to force the server to not server these “large” previews to the iOS app.

Not only iOS. On one of my android systems the previews are so huge that i can not scroll smooth through the images.

by huge you mean large in size? you can adjust the quality setting here

What I am interested in - have only thumbnail size preview & then the original photo.

Nextcloud doesn’t alter pictures at all. What you likely doing is comparing preview images. They are hard compressed for speed.

Download the actual jpeg and compare with the one on the phone. They should have the same size (in bytes).

Let me clarify - when I am on the Media tab, I see all the photos (these are thumb-sized previews).
When I tap on a photo, I get a full-screen image, but this one still is just a preview that was generated by nextcloud, only when I download the full-res image, I get the original quality.

I understand this makes sense to save bandwidth etc…however in my use case (@home on wifi) I would rather get original image after tapping on the photo.

Yes, this is a problem with the new Photos app. :frowning:

is there any way to force it to use the full-res photos?

Bump, also i need to load full photos at once and thumbnails only when viewing photo list

One way I can really tell this that image recompression is happening is that I shoot in ProRaw (DNG). The backed-up file through the nextcloud iOS app is clearly a JPEG, is like ~1MB, rather than a ~15MB DNG that I get by copying directly via USB to a computer. I have photos turned off on iCloud.

There are some other subtle differences between JPEG files transferred over USB vs. nextcloud backup, such as different colorspaces.