Inviting translators for floccus (Bookmarks browser companion)

Hello everyone,
I really appreciate your efforts translating nextcloud! Perhaps you’ve heard of floccus, the browser extension to sync bookmarks with nextcloud. If you have some time to spare and are willing to lend a hand I’d like to invite you to translate it into your own language.

Translation happens over at transifex:

Here’s a guide on how to get started:

Thanks a lot and keep on rocking! :heart:


Awesome! I’ll contribute for sure :slight_smile:


german --> 100%, needs reviewing now.


I’m now translating into Spanish. Happy to do that, I suppose this new effort means Floccus will become even better.


Just completed the French version. Ready to be peer-reviewed for QA.

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Wow, you’re awesome folks! :smiley:

Everyone who requested a language: You are not yet a member of the team. If you want to translate as well, you apparently need to send a join request :thinking:There is supposed to be a button for requesting a language that you yourself want to translate, but alas I have not found it yet.

I am ready to help. I have technical writing skills in English. Please inform as how can I extend my services.


I logged in a second time and all the work I did was still there… I did a second shot and fixed a few words.

Do you see yourself the French version as being completely translated ? It was not when I first logged in. There were about 30 strings that were not translated…