Invalid private key for encryption ap


I have updated nextcloud(version15) to docker nextcloud(version15).

Update is complete but after login to GUI is am getting this message:
" Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files."

Could you please suggest how to fix this error.

Thank you!

Did you change your password? In this case there should be an option in your personal settings in the webinterface to provide the old password so the keyfiles can be updated.

If that doesn’t work (I’d try with your current password if you haven’t changed it), to check a bit more with the versions. Your problem with NC15 run out of support 3 years ago (Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub)

Hi @tflidd
Thank you for quick response.

I haven’t changed the password. Currently, I upgraded from version15 to version24(one major version at a time) but I can still see the same error while I login to my GUI.

And the error appeared at which step?
Generally, it’s a good idea to use a setup after an upgrade a bit to make sure all functions work again, all apps have their data converted or updated (if that is required between the versions). You could try to get through the release notes if there are indication that something with encryption has changed.

Hi @tflidd I logged in to GUI of nextcloud docker after upgrading to version 24 and this error was on the top of the window.

So in NC 23 it was still ok?

Hi @tflidd I assume this would be there in NC23as well because when I upgraded from NC15 to dockerized NC16 this error was there. After that I keep op upgrading till NC24 and error is still there.

Thank you!

Then it can help to look around NC16: