Can't update Private key

I have enabled the “Basic encryption module” and I can not update the key there. I have logged in for a long time to a user who is using it for sharing only. *Server-side encryption is disabled.

Display on top bar:

Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files.

Module item of setting:>

Your private key password no longer matches your log-in password.
Set your old private key password to your current log-in password: If you don’t remember your old password you can ask your administrator to recover your files.

When I enter the old password and the new password, “Saving…” is displayed endlessly and there is no sign of ending. The same is true if I enter the administrator’s recovery key instead of the old password.
About this ‘Saving …’. If Current log-in password is correct, Old log-in password seems to be displayed with any value.

I can log in account, but I can not update private key. How can I update it?

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Nextcloud 16.0.1, PHP 7.3.5, nginx 1.14.2

When I changed the user’s password, the error dialog disappeared.
However, when I operate Enable password recovery enable / disable, “Updating recovery keys. This can take some time …” is displayed endlessly. Even after I wait for an hour, the comment does not disappear.

There is no problem with the user login process itself.

Thanks ! I have the same problem and now solved.

How did you solve the Problem?

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you may try to deseable encryption with occ commands, but as i dont paly with encryption i dont even know if you can solve this problem …

It’s still a worrying behavior for password related changes. *change recovery key or user password.

I have updated to NC 16.0.3. If I try to change the recovery key at present, “Saving …” will continue to be displayed for a long time. I update NC with the function of the browser. And I try to change the recovery key again. Then, “Save on green background color” is displayed this time. The second recovery key input is “old key” and “newly set key”. This means that the first change operation has not been done. This behavior is scary because it is a password operation.

can you please tell us that how you managed to solve this problem? Thanks


I just had the same problem with nextcloud after changing my password.
When I was entering only my current password leaving my old password with its default value, the saving… never completed and did nothing.

I had to set manually the old password to my previous password and entering my current password normally. After doing that saving… turned green and it took one second.

I’m leaving this note here in case someone needs it.

Same here. When I check the logs, it says

{"Exception":"Error","Message":"hash_equals(): Expected user_string to be a string, bool given at XXX

There is an issue about it on GitHub:

@nicksiv How did you manually set the old password?